Friday, September 18, 2009

Seoul Land

IMG_9898 If you all remember I had posted a blog about Seoul Grand Park a while ago. This is Seoul Land, a huge amusement park which is right next to it.  For information on directions to Seoul Land, please check our earlier blog on Seoul Grand Park. For more information on Seoul Land, you can visit their website IMG_9892Ladies and Gentlemen let me tell you that I was the only privileged gentleman allowed to hang out at this exclusive ladies day out event of my mom and her friends at Seoul Land recently.IMG_9905 It was a gorgeous sunny day with clear August skies and the view was to die for. This is what it looks like on the way there …awesome!!IMG_9904And this is what Ms. Park looked like on all the way till we got off ….ahhhhhh! 어떻게…어떻게…. I kept staring at her in amusement, coz I have absolutely no fear of heights, he he…IMG_9917View of the theme garden from above. I have already been to the rose garden and the children’s zoo with my daycare gang.  Keep a lookout for a blog about that visit in the near future.IMG_9930 I felt like James Bond surrounded by gorgeous women, so I decided to try to pull off the solemn 007 look.IMG_9931On our way to buy tickets to Seoul Land.IMG_9934I was so excited I was already sprinting my way inside.IMG_9963Mom’s friend Yayah looks shocked that she is strong enough to stop the leaning tower from falling over.IMG_9983Darn it! They had this height measuring thing all over the place.  You have to be at least 110cm to get on most those rides.  I am only about 90cm sob…sob…IMG_9975 The Columbus ride. It was like a huge swing in the air that rocked to and fro. Mom’s friends said it made their stomachs churn and that the feeling was akin to having your stomach drop to your feet. We could hear Jessica’s screams of excitement and fear from a mile away.IMG_0011But there were a few I could ride along with mom like this musical carousel. IMG_0055  This giant rollercoaster looked surreal set up against the blue sky with wisps of cottony white clouds.IMG_0049And the people on it looked as if they were riding off into the great wide open blue sky…IMG_0016The Peter Pan ride. Even this ship looked like it were sailing in the sky.IMG_0060Mom’s friend Mita is from Indonesia and she had a cool hat that she let me wear.IMG_0066Of course, I am getting to be quite an expert at posing for solo portraits thanks to all the modeling I do for mom.IMG_0020 This particular ride literally made people’s hair stand on end…IMG_9968 There were quite a few water sprinklers that sprayed fine mist to cool off in the heat.IMG_0002Wherever there is water I am 100 percent delighted.IMG_0030People were lined up to get on the World Cup ride. It had a spinning deck that tilted as it spun. IMG_0116It looked even better at night with all the multicolored lights adding a dazzling effect.IMG_0086 The Zeppelin, a ride with giant balloons.IMG_0088King Viking is what they called this ride which literally makes you go upside down. I hope nobody pukes. IMG_0043I got tired with all the walking and decided to roll around on the ground for a bit. IMG_0097 The Rock cafe. A cool ride with rock music accompaniment and they also covered you with cloth while the ride spun faster and faster. I guess an ideal ride for couples.IMG_0120You can see the scariest ride of all in the background- the Sky X swinging as high as 55 meters.  Only recommended for the brave of heart.IMG_0127It was night by the time we left and all the rides looked even prettier with all the lights switched on.IMG_0140Can someone explain to me how the taps were floating in air with the water flowing from them, spooky!IMG_0143We were an assorted bunch alright, clockwise from left to right: Mita and Yayah are from Indonesia, Jessica is from El Salvador, Ms. Park teaches Korean at Seoul National University, my mom, Asmaa is from Morocco and last but not least is the privileged lone gentleman (a.k.a. Kaibu) who tagged along for protection, he he…

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Seoul Tower

 IMG_0321Last night we visited Seoul Tower.  Seoul Tower is located  on top of Mt. Namsan. It is 370 meters above sea level and has a 360 panoramic view with a range of more than 50 kilometers.  The tower itself is 236.7 meters tall.  The construction of the Seoul Tower began in 1969 and it was initially built as a communication and observation tower.  It was only opened to the public in 1980.  For more information on the tower you can their website here -  You can even find information on the world’s tallest towers around the world.  The world’s tallest tower (CN TOWER, Toronto, Canada) is almost twice as tall as the Seoul Tower.  IMG_0331My dad who had visited the Seoul Tower before during the day said it was not as impressive as it was at night. The shimmering lights and the spectacular view of the city was absolutely breathtaking.IMG_0414There were all sorts of people - cyclists, couples, first dates, evening walkers, locals, kids and tourists. IMG_0330There were even some caricature artists and people were lined up to get their portraits sketched.IMG_0347  A few human wire installation art figures hung from above looked quite eerie and yet cool lit up against the black sky. IMG_0350 We bought our tickets…..IMG_0341 and we took a family picture with the teddy bears.  There is also a teddy bear museum at the Seoul Tower.IMG_0336 I was also inspired to pose like the teddy bears.IMG_0329 This is the entrance to the tower. We had to stand in line to ride the lift to the top of the tower. IMG_0353Our Troupe - My grandma is visiting us for a month and I am super happy to be with her.  The ladies next to my grandma are my teacher at my daycare and her daughter.  My teacher’s husband is carrying me and the one on the right is my mom.IMG_0400The lift was so fast we didn’t realize we were already at the top.  It's quite a view from the tower overlooking Seoul at night.  You can also have a wonderful dining experience at the rotating restaurant while you enjoy the dazzling view of the city.IMG_0396 We were all mesmerized by the lights and Seoul looked like it were lit up with a myriad of sparkling jewels and glittering diamonds. SeoulTowerPanoramaOne can stay there for hours enchanted by the lights, just like bugs drawn to a light bulb.IMG_0327 There is a Pagoda style pavilion outside where people were just lounging and enjoying the cool Autumn breeze and the serene ambience. It is definitely a tranquil break from the hustle and bustle of city life.IMG_0416On our way back another art figure looked as if it was bowling the moon and the colors somehow added to the uncanny effect.  Use your imagination…

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mortal Combat

P8060039 (2)

Battle of the Day care center.  Baby weight Championship. Gorkhali Vs. Shaolin Monk September 6th, 2009 @ Myeongji Day Care center, Seoul, South Korea.  Not to be missed, its going to be kick ass deadly!!

사진 212

Just kidding!!  We were just having fun getting dressed up in traditional clothes in our day care.  South Korea is sure getting to be multi cultural.  I am wearing traditional Nepali Dhaka Topi and Dhaura Suruwal,  My friend on the left is wearing traditional Vietnamese dress, my friend standing next to me is wearing traditional Chinese dress, and the girl on the right is wearing equivalent to what Princesses used to wear in Korea a long time ago.  Now you really didn’t think we were fighting right???

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