Monday, September 7, 2009

Seoul Tower

 IMG_0321Last night we visited Seoul Tower.  Seoul Tower is located  on top of Mt. Namsan. It is 370 meters above sea level and has a 360 panoramic view with a range of more than 50 kilometers.  The tower itself is 236.7 meters tall.  The construction of the Seoul Tower began in 1969 and it was initially built as a communication and observation tower.  It was only opened to the public in 1980.  For more information on the tower you can their website here -  You can even find information on the world’s tallest towers around the world.  The world’s tallest tower (CN TOWER, Toronto, Canada) is almost twice as tall as the Seoul Tower.  IMG_0331My dad who had visited the Seoul Tower before during the day said it was not as impressive as it was at night. The shimmering lights and the spectacular view of the city was absolutely breathtaking.IMG_0414There were all sorts of people - cyclists, couples, first dates, evening walkers, locals, kids and tourists. IMG_0330There were even some caricature artists and people were lined up to get their portraits sketched.IMG_0347  A few human wire installation art figures hung from above looked quite eerie and yet cool lit up against the black sky. IMG_0350 We bought our tickets…..IMG_0341 and we took a family picture with the teddy bears.  There is also a teddy bear museum at the Seoul Tower.IMG_0336 I was also inspired to pose like the teddy bears.IMG_0329 This is the entrance to the tower. We had to stand in line to ride the lift to the top of the tower. IMG_0353Our Troupe - My grandma is visiting us for a month and I am super happy to be with her.  The ladies next to my grandma are my teacher at my daycare and her daughter.  My teacher’s husband is carrying me and the one on the right is my mom.IMG_0400The lift was so fast we didn’t realize we were already at the top.  It's quite a view from the tower overlooking Seoul at night.  You can also have a wonderful dining experience at the rotating restaurant while you enjoy the dazzling view of the city.IMG_0396 We were all mesmerized by the lights and Seoul looked like it were lit up with a myriad of sparkling jewels and glittering diamonds. SeoulTowerPanoramaOne can stay there for hours enchanted by the lights, just like bugs drawn to a light bulb.IMG_0327 There is a Pagoda style pavilion outside where people were just lounging and enjoying the cool Autumn breeze and the serene ambience. It is definitely a tranquil break from the hustle and bustle of city life.IMG_0416On our way back another art figure looked as if it was bowling the moon and the colors somehow added to the uncanny effect.  Use your imagination…

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  1. Is he ur baby? I remember he would be 1 year old. Why he looks like 2,3 ?

  2. Yes, he is our son and right now he is 20 months old, but like you mentioned, he is a wee bit bigger than most kids his age...


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