Saturday, October 17, 2009

Himalaya, where the wind dwells

히말라야 바람이 머무는 곳

Himalaya where the Wind Dwells

We haven’t had a chance to see this movie yet, but after seeing Choi Min Sik in “Old Boy,” this one is a must see.  Choi Min Sik is our personal favorite in Korean Cinema.  Born on January 22, 1962 in Seoul, South Korea he is one of the premiere Korean actors.  He started his career as a theatrical actor before he went on cinema.  His first roles were in Park Jong Won's films Kuro Arirang and Our Twisted Hero and in the 90s as a police investigator in No. 3, which won him much cinematical acclaim. His role as a North Korean agent in Shiri, which is one of the Korea's most successful film ever during the 1990s, firmly established him as an icon in Korean cinema.


‘Himalaya, where the wind dwells’ was nominated for ‘crystal globe’ (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival) awards.  Directed by Soo-il Jeon the movie came out on October 7, 2008, but I suppose due to its non-commercial nature we did not hear about this movie until searching for Choi Min Sik’s new movie on the net.  Needless to say this movie was shot in Nepal, so I will take it for granted that the visuals in this movie must be stunning.  The movie is about a Korean businessman who upon death of a Nepali migrant worker in Seoul takes his last remaining to his hometown in Jharkot, Nepal.  Those of you who have already seen the movie, please add a comment and let us know how the movie was.  We will put another review after seeing the movie.  Till then friends…….

Watch the trailer of the movie here -

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  1. Hi Kaibu he is one of my favorite actors as well. Movie is not the regular commercial type but definitely worth a watch.


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