Monday, July 27, 2009

POSCO and Hyundai - Korea's Top Companies

My dad visited POSCO on July 23rd, 2009. He says POSCO stands for Pohang Iron and Steel Company. Founded in 1968 it is the fourth largest Steel Company in the World and the first integrated steel company in Korea. They say that Korea's industrialization kicked off with the inception of this company.

Dad said all the visitors had to put safety helmet and goggles before they could go on a tour of POSCO. Dad says POSCO was nothing like he ever saw before. The size of the company was as good as a city. In fact, the city of Polhang is known as POSCO city. Above gentleman in the picture is my Dad's and Mom's friend John from Tanzania.

No cameras were allowed, but dad said he could take some snaps of the area from the bus window before their guide warned them. Anyway, if any of you are interested in knowing more about POSCO here is a link to their site - I am sure there will be more pictures there.

Dad says all major companies in South Korea are going environmental friendly. His guide told him that there are about 5 million trees of different kinds planted within the vicinity of POSCO and that there is a 24 hour environmental watch facility. Within this company my dad says there are schools, stadiums, a university, and a hospital. WOW!

Next day, July 24th, 2009, my dad visited the city of Ulsan known as the Hyundai city. Within the city there are two major companies: Hyundai heavy industries co. ltd (HHI). and Hyundai motor company. Hyundai heavy industries co. ltd. is the number one ship building company in the world. By 2008 it has built about 1300 ships, including 364 oil tankers, 390 container ships and 296 bulk carriers. Sorry folks, dad said no pictures allowed, so he could only manage a few snapshots of their ship model.

The HHI has contributed immensely to the development of Korean economy and Korean society. Similarly, Hyundai also had schools, stadiums, a university, and a hospital within the company. For more information visit their website-

The next site my dad visited was Hyundai motor's main production facility, the Ulsan plant. The company sprawls over 4 million 990 thousand meter squares and has five independent plants with over 34 thousand employees and produces approximately 56 hundred vehicles per day. On his visit inside the plant my dad saw a car being made for a client in Brazil and another one for a client in Australia. Hyundai cars sure are world famous! Dad said Hyundai even has five more plants outside of Korea.

Sea of cars manufactured by Hyundai waiting to be shipped out to various locations around the world. For more information on Hyundai motor company you can visit

Visitors to the Hyundai company museum checking out a list of Hyundai company clients worldwide. I hope you enjoyed this tour folks.

The best part for me was that I got a free miniature toy car of Hyundai Santa Fe SUV and think it is real sleek.

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