Friday, July 31, 2009

Seoul Grand Park – A trip to the zoo (서울대공원)

To get to Seoul Grand Park we took the Subway from Nakseongdae Station (낙성대 역) up to Sadang (사당 역) and then changed from the green to the blue line which goes directly to Seoul Grand Park.  For more information on Seoul Grand Park check out their website - 
There are a whole lot of things to do in Seoul Grand Park that would probably be impossible to fit into a single day.  That day we only made it to the Seoul Grand Park zoo, which is reputed to be the 10th largest zoo in the world.  
mosaic45188350792ccdfe1b8e965a8f725238e2784061 My grandma had come to visit us in Seoul from Nepal for a few days . My friend in the picture is Mr.B, he is from Vietnam.  His dad and mom are my parents friends.  They came to the zoo along with us.    mosaicea11226a3abb1a250f15ad4f41c4098a7c18c7bc   On our way to the zoo, at first we took a tram.  The scene by the lake overlooking the amusement park was awesome.  Then we took the sky lift.   I was so excited seeing the lions from above that my mom was scared we would fall down.  
animals mosaic     There were all kinds of animals from all over the world.  Some of them that can also be found in Nepal are the Red panda, Buffalos, Tigers and Rhinos.  But the two horned Rhino is only found in Africa.  In Nepal we have the one horned Rhino.    
IMG_5548I enjoyed looking at the bears the most, coz they were doing all sorts of tricks to beg for food and looked really playful.
birds mosaic    There were also different species of birds from all over the world.  I thought the ostrich looked strange and enjoyed the colorful pheasants the most.  I think that the national bird of Korea is supposed to be the Korean Magpie (까치), whereas the national bird of Nepal is the Impeyen Pheasant (lophophorusimpejanus), called Danfe in Nepali (डाँफे).
IMG_5640There were also a lot of rest spots along the way, so it was really convenient for me and my friend, Mr. B, coz we were famished with all the sight-seeing we did that day.
IMG_5712The flowers in bloom were also real pretty, so I posed for a picture with my grandma.
IMG_5776 and finally it was time to head home…


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  2. Aww, nice pictures of kids in the zoo! Miss the Seoul Zoo, hope to visit the park soon..


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