Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Disco in Seoul

IMG_8766 Guess what? I finally convinced my parents to take me to the water fountains again. This time we went at night and the colorful lights made it as good as a disco minus the music.IMG_8746 The water fountain disco is enjoyed by many Nakseongdae (낙성대) residents, especially the kids. The combination of water and colorful lights was splendid and I was mesmerized.IMG_8793 Seoul city has around 217 water fountains all over the place. I have heard that the most exciting one is the rainbow fountain on Banpo bridge which is accompanied by music, now that would be a real disco! For more information, you can check this website:

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  1. Wonderfull! Our Viktor likes such fontains too! You can play with him together. ;))


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