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Korean chicken recipe – (안동찜닭)

IMG_7335 Hi everyone, Korean food is very different from Nepali food, but once you acquire a taste for it, you are hooked for life. My parents complain that nowadays I am so accustomed to Korean food that I prefer it to Nepali food and even want Kimchee with my meals. Here is a picture of me and my friend from the day care centre enjoying our meal.

IMG_5142 During their Korean language training classes in Seoul National University, my mom’s class was taken on many field trips and one of them was to a cooking class. They had to take the green line to Hongdae station (홍대입구 역), exit number 2.

mosaicd6505420985b157a12b216f1c665acf8d14a5813  The venue for the cooking class was at Rinnai culinary school on the third floor of the Rinnai Building. They had to walk about 5 mins. from the station exit to reach it. The place was real professional and super clean with culinary teachers and also a big TV screen to show you the exact steps while you cooked.


Ever since we got to Seoul, my mom’s friends and relatives from all around the world like Nepal, the U.S., Australia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, England, Scotland, India etc have been asking her to send them some Korean recipes. So now it is over to my mom for a Korean chicken recipe called An-dong-chim-tak (안동찜닭), quite a tongue-twister I must say, with the promise of more Korean recipes to follow in the future…


Main ingredients:

  1. chicken- 700 grams
  2. medium sized potatoes- 2
  3. medium sized onion- 1
  4. Dangmyun (noodles made of sweet potato starch/ vermicelli) - 100 grams ( you can skip this ingredient if you don’t have it)
  5. dried red chilli- 2 pieces
  6. ginger root- 1 small piece
  7. salt- 1 small spoon
  8. black pepper- 1 teaspoon
  9. soy oil- 2 large spoons


Chicken sauce ingredients:

  1. soy sauce- 4 large spoons
  2. sugar- 2 large spoons
  3. starch syrup- 1 large spoon
  4. whole toasted sesame seeds- 2 large spoons
  5. black pepper- 1 small spoon

Other ingredients:

  1. crushed green onion- 2 large spoons
  2. crushed garlic- 1 large spoon
  3. anchovy water- 2 cups
  4. sesame seed oil- 1 large spoon



  1. soak the vermicelli in cold water
  2. thoroughly clean the chicken and neatly cut into small pieces, then add the salt and black pepper to the meat
  3. cut the potato into small round pieces
  4. diagonally slice the dried red chilli into approximately 1 cm slices and finely slice the ginger into small pieces

5. heat the soy oil in a pan and add the previously sliced dried red chilli and ginger


6. shake off the excess water from the chicken and add the chicken pieces to the pan, stir to mix the contents

IMG_52237. prepare the chicken sauce with the ingredients listed above and add two third (2/3 rd) to the chicken in the pan


8. Now take a medium sized cooking pot like the one above and pour the anchovy water into it.

IMG_52319. Then transfer the chicken and the ingredients from the pan into the cooking pot

10. Add the potatoes and boil all the ingredients together


11. When the water reduces to about half; add the chopped onion, vermicelli, crushed green onion, crushed garlic, as well as the remaining one third (1/3 rd) of the chicken sauce to the cooking pot and add salt according to taste

12. Just before turning the flame off, add the sesame seed oil for flavoring


13. Transfer to a serving bowl and garnish it with some sesame seeds


As they say here in Korea ‘맛있게 드세요’ which roughly translates into ‘hope you savor your meal and enjoy it’…


  1. Please post more recipes in the future. Thanks

  2. Wow, wonderful blog, kaibu!
    Please tell your mom that the recipe is correct and she is a good photographer.
    Oh, by the way, Hyunjin wants to see you again, and always talks about the "brurrrrrrrr~" thing. :)

  3. Oh my goodness I been looking EVERYWHERE for a recipe for Andong jjimdak ever since I had it last week when I was in Seoul for a holiday!!


  4. Looks like a great recipe! I'm writing as it's on the stove just starting to bubble. Can't wait to taste it.

    Found your site with a google search for "찜닭 recipe" - you were first!

    - Mark
    former ESL teacher living in Halifax, NS, Canada

  5. Great!! Love this Dish!


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